Welcome to the 6th edition of SPORTSLIFE FUSION KAR ULTRA TRAIL 2024 a.k.a KADAMAIAN ULTRA. The SPORTSLIFE FUSION KAR ULTRA 2024 will be held at Kg. Tambatuon which is located approximately 32km from Kota Belud and 80km from Kota Kinabalu.




Kadamaian embodies tranquility, serving as a haven for nature enthusiasts and the distinguished location for Sabah, Malaysia’s premier ultra trail marathon.




Numerous captivating and undiscovered locations await exploration, yearning to unveil their beauty to the world. Alongside its pristine river vistas, Kadamaian boasts well-preserved virgin forests. When you visit Kadamaian, seize the opportunity to discover a multitude of waterfalls, particularly in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu.


For this edition, KAR ULTRA has been identified by Asia Trail Master on their 2024 series calendar. By incorporating ATM into our event, it signifies that KAR has reached another level, particularly in Sabah, Malaysia. We believe that elite runners will dedicate their time to compete in KAR Ultra 2024, aiming to accumulate ATM series points and pursue the coveted ATM Grandmaster titles..



The race route includes natural mountain trails, dirt roads, asphalt, and single trails. Participants will see beautiful scenery along the trails, including hills, clear rivers, rice fields, and even Aki Nabalu. We welcome participants from Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsular Malaysia and all abroad to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of Kadamaian’s trail..



By Cyril Steward Teo, 26 January 2024

Trail runners braving the white rapids of a river with one hand holding on to their hiking poles and another grabbing on to the rope that would assist them across the river. This was my first awareness and first impressions of KAR. But at that time, I did not know what KAR meant, I thought it was just a name. It was only much later that I learnt that KAR stood for Kadamaian Adventure Race. Continue reading…https://cyrilcanvas.wordpress.com/2024/01/26/the-adventure-race-kar-ultra/


Race Day

Date: 27 - 28 July 2024
Location: Kg.Tambatuon, Kota Belud
Start: 5.00am


110KM | 60KM | 35KM | 12KM

Men Open, Women Open, Men Veteran and Women Veteran are all available for all categories. 

Shuttle Bus - click here for reservation:

We will provide a shuttle bus service from Kota Kinabalu (Likas Square) to the venue (Kg.Tambatuon) and return. But there would be an additional fee for runners who made use of this option.
Early reservations are encouraged for all international runners. It is advised for runners to take a taxi, a grab, or some other form of transportation in order to reach the Likas Square.

Follow us at:

Homestay / Camping Site / Resort

Many individuals own homestays, camping grounds, and resorts in Kadamaian. You can arrange a reservation with the operator if you need a space to stay overnight. However, you must make early reservations and pay them directly.

You may directly call this homestay/campsite owner.

Alexsius - +6016-8051075 (2 rooms available)
Irene - +6014-2822997 (2 rooms availabble)
Maniseh - +60197047570 (2 rooms available)
Burin - +6017-8298942 ( 1 room available)
Pundus - +6017-8561284 ( 1 house & 3 rooms available)
Yutis - +6011-40137634 (1 room available)
Duanis - +6019-8004194 (1 room available)
Metol - +6011-32002632 (1 room available)
Biba - +6014-5625351 (1 house & 2 rooms available)
Tambatuon Homestead - +6011-29006097
D'Sawah Tambatuon - +6011-33529611
Rainbow Lodge - +6014-8747821
Double View - +6014-3762241
Kadamaian Riverside Lodge - +6019-5880776
D'Danau Homestay - +6014-5552774
Garden Hill - +6014-2812626
Saimon Home - +6013-6293195
Lyna Lodge Tambatuon - +6016-6033358

Aloi - +6019-5321321
Wastey - +6010-9523750
Kopongian Riverside Camp - +60105099505

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